Here are the wiki rules that I have created. If you do not read this page, you're silly.

  • Do not vandalize this wiki. Vandalism results in an immediate, permanent block from this wiki.
  • You can only add spam to content once. Spamming is also unacceptable.
  • NO harassing others. For this, YOU, the person behind the keyboard, are not allowed on this wiki, even if you done just one tiny harassment.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to survive here. If you're new to this wiki, tell me your REAL age (DO NOT LIE!), and if you're below the age of 18, you will be blocked until your 18th birthday.
  • I act just like the abuse filter. I will patrol this wiki, and if I see you remove more than 2,048 characters from a page, you're immediately blocked. Also, pages can contain up to 1 million characters. If I see a page contain over 1 million characters, I will truncate the content so that it will be equal to 1,048,576.
  • Only English, Spanish, and Japanese languages will be tolerated. Because I only know them.
  • Having more than one account is not allowed unless you have completely forgot your password and email or if you want to create a bot. Especially if you're blocked, I will disable account creation.
  • Be nice in the chat. I have chat moderator privileges. If you behave bad in the chat, you're banned from chat for 2 weeks, Do that again in the chat and you're blocked for 1 month, then 3 months, then 1 year, and finally a permanent block from this wiki.
  • If you would like to learn more about this wiki, please contact me by posting on my message wall.

Once you have read my rules, please have good behavior here.