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ニコニコ動画あなたの笑いの情報を提供してください。(Nikoniko douga anata no warai no jouhou o teikyou shite kudasai.) can be translated to Nico Nico Douga Please provide information on your laugh.


With the god of laughter,

1. An entertainer that provides laughter to beholder or simply by staying

2. Deity or divinity with laughter as attribute or destiny

It refers to these things. "


Human laugh was originally said to be offensive, but you got a long time from the beginning of humanity, you know that people can laugh even in comfortable and pleasant time in a space shared with someone else According to. Even if there are many good laughs, there are many data that stress decreases, around and it affects the spirit and the body well.

Incidentally, even though the group is fun, we exclude this space for spaces that seems to shudder on the viewing side. → a constantly smiling workplace

Regarding this item 1, in addition to the people who survive for a long time and provide laughter mainly among the entertainers in Japan, it is very important to have fun activities (including suicide bombs) First of all, it refers to the person who will take it. As a result of repeating it like a bowl of rice bowls, even if you do not take actions, you will be laughing at that character nature, such as being reflected on the mind only by reflection on the screen.

For 2., there are few Gods with clearly laughing attributes, but in myths of each world there are many Gods who took a performer's reaction in contemporary sensibility. As a result, it exists in the doctrine and the attribute to "do not", its divinity will be told as a god of laughter.

In addition, in a work based on a myth based setting, a character that has followed the artistic divinity at its origin from a straight line is sometimes called "the god of laughter".

Please do not mention who it is (bar reading)

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